16 OCT 2009

Talking international development with Christian Aid

This morning I joined Dover's current Labour MP Gwyn Prosser and the possible Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate, a very nice, knowledgeable and interesting man called John Brigden, at a lobby organised by Christian Aid. It was mainly about the Copenhagen Summit on climate change. We had a really interesting discussion about international aid, the development of cleaner power, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and helping developing nations keep carbon dioxide emissions low. We then did a photo together to draw attention to the need to tackle poverty.

I was struck by how much the Conservative Party has changed in the last ten years. Mr Prosser was understably keen to remind everyone that we haven't always been very good on international development. It's quite true. And that's a key change David Cameron has made to the Modern Conservatives. We will ringfence the international aid budget. We will help reduce emissions. We are concerned about poverty. Indeed, in many ways, we now lay claim to be the party of poverty.

As someone who has long been concerned by poverty, the rich poor divide, the level of child poverty and the need for us all the be engaged in the wider World, I am proud to be a Modern Conservative and a support of David Cameron's aims to tackle these issues for the long term good.


What on Earth were you doing wasting your time at a groupthink meeting like this Charlie? Do you not have real issues to discuss? Global warming, Copenhagen summit on climate change? Reducing carbon dioxide emissions? I suppose your'll announce your support for a windfarm where the proposed hospital was due to be built. Oh but no that's not a good idea. Rising sea levels of six metres will overtop the blades and will stop them spinning, unlike your report about this pointless meeting, spinning I mean. Come on Charlie if you're going to get caught up in this global warming myth at least have the sense to not involve yourself with the labour party and the liberals I mean that's just plain embarrasing. I mean John Brigdon who is he besides a County councillor? Is he a climatologist? Or does he merely hold the prolish convential view that the polar bear will die within the next five years?
- Paul

Thanks Paul. What do I do . . . duck or don a tin hat? I think there is much to be said for nuclear power and carbon capture. It's not just a case of having a group hug - get energy security as well as lower emissions. And I am keen on electric cars if that can be done - less pollution and less dependence on oil from overseas. Poverty at home and abroad is a concern to us all - the level of deprivation in Dover is a real issue. We need more jobs and money locally. Yet I do feel we should also be concerned about poverty overseas as well.
- Charlie Elphicke

Charlie, thanks for the reply but it's really important that you examine the facts regarding this issue - it may well be an eye opener. Carbon capture is, as it stands at this moment in time, a pipe dream. The technology does not exist. Sure there have been small scale experiments which show promising results (frankly I don't believe it when they say that) but on a grand scale it's impossible! If it can be done it will require roughly 50% more coal to be burnt in order to capture the carbon. Then where on Earth are we going to put the stuff? Carbon dioxide is the stuff of life and to regard it as a pollutant is to misunderstand the fundamentals of Earth sciences. I say go nuclear and go coal and fly in the face of the green lobby who, let's face it are no more than unreconstructed worried well with no real cause to fight now that Socialism is dead. Tell your man Dave that He really shouldn't be pandering to this nonsense. Now that He has lost the fight in terms of the Lisbon treaty he can show his true colours and announce to the World that He doesn't believe in Man-made climate change - most of the electorate don't either check out the latest polls. As for electric cars, erm, where does the energy required to run these things come from?..........Power stations. As for poverty overseas well this scam has managed to make the poor overseas poorer as much needed aid is being diverted to tackle the "problem of dangerous climate change". Your party and those who subscribe to the great myth are going to look really stupid in years to come when your grandchildren ask you "Did you really believe in that nonsense that was being peddled by ecofascists Granddad?"
- Paul

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