05 NOV 2015

Tackling Childhood Obesity

I am gravely concerned that figures released by Public Health England show that Town and Pier ward in Dover has the highest rate of overweight and obese children in the country. Other areas have concerning levels of obesity too.

I have written to all schools in the area, as well as local Doctors and public health chiefs to start a conversation about what can be done to reverse this worrying trend. We need schools and health chiefs to work together and see what action can be taken. I plan to take the ideas and feedback I get on what can be done to tackle this issue to the Education and Health Secretaries.

Tackling childhood obesity is a major priority. Improving our children's education on how to make healthy lifestyle choices is just one of the ways we can work to tackle this issue. However, I do not think that a sugar tax is the answer. I worry that a sugar tax will hit the poorest families hardest. That's why I sense we should focus on education and exercise.


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