28 NOV 2009

Supporting the NSPCC

Today I was door knocking in North Deal, ahead of next week's by election, when I bumped into well known Deal resident John Battles who was collecting for the NSPCC.  I was pleased to make a good donation and show my support for the NSPCC and the excellent work they do. Congratulations to John - especially braving the very very cold weather!

The NSPCC work tirelessly to protect our kids and to prevent cruelty to children. Full Stop! They are strong fighters of child abuse - an issue close to my heart as a parent, horrified by the Baby P business, as all parents have been. The thing with life is that you only get one go at it - and only one go at childhood.  It should be a time of fond memories for life. If something terrible happens, it can't be undone.

In the same way, I want to see us avoid putting kids into care homes or fostering placements that don't last very long. We should do more to ensure children have a caring, long term home with long term stability and a parenting figure in those sad cases where parents can't manage. Easier said than done, I know.

On Saturday evening, I saw Eric Pickles MP with Damian Collins, the excellent candidate for Folkestone & Hythe. Damian will, all being well, take over from the much respected Michael Howard QC MP at the General Election. Eric puts the lie to the idea all politicians are the same - he is one of the truly great characters of our Parliament!

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that is an issue that is very difficult to address, foster kids end up boosting our prison population. one of the problems nowadays is that the foster parents are not judged on their ability to bring out the best on these disaffected youths, but on their politically correct credentials. three examples, homosexual couples(male or female) have a black mark against them. smokers like myself would stand no chance even though they might feel more secure with slobs as parents. the most ridiculous of all is that a baby should go to the parents with the same coloured skin for "cultural reasons". i happen to know of people who have been very succesful in bringing up babies into childhood then adulthood, though of different race. that applies both ways incidentally.
- howard mcsweeney

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