12 NOV 2008

Strike expected at Port of Dover next Tuesday

There will be a 48 hour strike at the Port of Dover next Tuesday. We're not talking about any old port here - we're talking about the busiest docks in Western Europe. Given that so much of trade travels through Dover, this strike could not come at a worse time for our nation.

The reason? The Dover Harbour Board want to outsource, or privatise, 200 jobs. And it is the thin end of the wedge. The Government appear to have been consulted on this and agreed. While privatisation may have benefits in many cases, in transport matters it clearly works less well - just look at our airports!

I do not agree with the privatisation of Dover Docks, on national security grounds (along with data protection concerns). Border security, like the army, is just too important. I think the Government should intervene urgently to sort out an unncessary mess of its own making. What were the Government thinking approving this measure?!


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