07 JUN 2013

Stop Live Animal Exports Public Meeting

Live animal exports are cruel and go against all standards of acceptable animal welfare. We are a nation of animal lovers. Seeing live cattle or sheep being transported in confined trucks and in great distress is shocking and should be a relic of the past.

I was utterly dismayed when the news came through that the Joline would be allowed to berth at Dover and this practice would start up again. This has been roundly condemned by the local community and tonight's public meeting, organised by the RSPCA was a chance for all those concerned to gather to voice this and to discuss how this can be brought to an end. I was joined by the RSPCA Chief Executive on the panel at the Town Hall alongside other representatives to hear the views of the more than 200 people that filled the hall.

This trade is bad for animal welfare and bad for Dover. There was a strong cross-party consensus at the meeting and we need to continue working together and be united against this. That way we will have the best chance of ridding Dover of this unwanted and appalling trade.


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