07 AUG 2012

Speeding in Downs Road, Walmer

I met with residents of Downs Road in Walmer who are concerned about speeding traffic in their street. They want to have a 20 mph speed limit so I've asked the council to consider that. I am also asking the Police to check the speeding in the road in the hope that drivers will take more care and drive more carefully.

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If this one road opens the flood gates for more, then I am in full support. I must however point out that Downs Road is a cul-de-sac and any vehicle speeding up toward the School has to make the return journey, unlike many other residential roads in deal where motorist speed. Not unrelated, this morning a vehicle crashed into a parked vehicle in Redsull Avenue and careened across the road, mounting the pavement and demolishing a garden wall. This is a residential road and this kind of accident usually takes place on more major roads as speed must have been involved to cause the overturning and demolition. The speed on Redsull Avenue has increased substantially recently and coincidentally coincides with the opening of the Tescos Express in the former Yew Tree Public House. If you do lobby the Local Council for a reduced speed limit in Downs Road, please consider the other residents of Deal who also have to suffer mindless, selfish and inconsiderate drivers that dash around the town. 20 MPH might result in the current 30 MPH being achived.
- Mr Andrew T Finney

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