01 JUL 2014

Solar Panels at Snowdown Colliery

I met with Coal Authority representatives and former miners last week to discuss plans for new solar farm at the Snowdown Colliery site. The plan being explored is to develop the old Snowdown Colliery site with new PVC solar panels to provide clean, renewable energy for the National Grid. The Colliery site, finally closed as a coal mine in 1987, is now classed as a brownfield site. New solar panels at Snowdown would see the area becoming a producer of energy for the first time in over the quarter of a decade.

This new solar farm could signal the start of a brighter future for Snowdown. We cannot change what happened in the past, but we can change the future.

Solar panels can provide clean and renewable energy generation and would bring more jobs and money to our corner of Kent. It is best they are placed on brownfield sites such as at Snowdown than on our countryside and greenfield sites. That's why these plans are so interesting.


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