08 FEB 2008

Sea Scouts ready to grow

With Cllr Nick Kenton, I went to see Dover Sea Scouts.

Their motto is "Ready aye Ready" and they are ready to grow their numbers. The Scouts, based at TS Lynx near Connaught barracks, are hoping to take on more cadets.

The Sea Scouts are so important to our community. The kids learn the importance of teamwork and respect - things too often missing in our neighbourhoods. The cadets have great fun there and they are as keen as mustard. There are 40 cadets in total and I hope more people will sign up.

They are lead by Lt Sheila Watson, who's a great leader and a real inspiration. I hope community money can be found to do up their building and increase capacity. This picture is Cllr Kenton, myself and the cadets.


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