27 AUG 2010

Save Sholden!

People in Sholden and Middle Deal are very concerned about the threat of excessive development. So I went to see the developers' exhinitions for myself. I was not impressed. The development proposed is excessive. I cannot see how people will get in and out of Middle Deal. I am very concerned that the flooding situation will be made worse.

As for the Sholden development, this would be on grade 1 land. They are not making any more of it and I think it wrong in principle to develop on such fine quality land.

The East Kent Mercury asked me what I made of it all. I told them I consider this development wholly inappropriate and misconceived. It should not be granted planning permission. I agree with the people of Sholden and Middle Deal who are fighting this development.

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Well said Charlie!, it is a great boost to the people of Sholden fighting these awful plans to know we have your support.
- Paul Robbins

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