09 AUG 2010

Sampson Court is needed

I feel very strongly that older people should be treated with respect and dignity. The residents of Sampson Court are faced with the threat that their care home may be closed down as Kent County Council faces pressure given the mess in the public finances.

Sampson Court also provides much needed day care. This matters as the longer people stay in their own homes and keep active, the longer they live.

I worry that there are not the beds available if Sampson Court closes down and that the daycare won't be available either. This would end up in higher costs, so does not seem to make any sense to me. In view of this, Deal's County Cllr Rook and myself have been working hard with the Mayor of Deal to see if an alternative can be found that will save Sampson Court and ensure elderly people in our community are properly cared for.

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Sampson Court must remain open. It is an excellent place for elderly and those with dementia. Would those who wish to close it like to look after someone 24/7 and then fall ill, and not be able to have care for yourself because you cannot find anywhere to take your patient? Sampson Court must stay, and will receive my support as a full time carer.
- Jenny

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