01 APR 2016

Roadside Rubbish

I have met with representatives from Highways England and Dover District Council to demand action to clear rubbish from our local roads. Representatives of Kent County Council and the Harbour Board were invited but did not turn up.

Our roads are filthy and disgusting. Everyone has an important role to play. It's clear that the District Council and Highways England are committed to making the difference.

The amount of rubbish, litter and human waste lining our local roads is disgusting. 1.6 tonnes of rubbish has recently been removed from the A20, and that is not considering other major routes like the A2 and around our rural villages.

It was disappointing but unsurprising that the Dover Harbour Board and Kent County Council were as remote and shirking of responsibility as ever. We needed the Harbour Board to help advise lorry drivers not to dump rubbish on our roads. And we needed Kent County Council to explain why they are blocking making the TAP's 40mph speed speed limit variable. Yet again we see why we need port reform and an East Kent Unitary Authority that is in touch with our area.

We need to clear our roads, but we also need to encourage motorists and foreign HGV drivers to keep our roads clear by properly disposing of their rubbish. Let's Keep Britain Tidy.


I completely agree with Charlie, Our Parish Council brought this matter to the Kent County Councillor last month, We are so fed up with the rubbish I feel that the good people of Dover should protest and block the roads, by having a mass litter clearance day with lorries flashing signs which say Sorry for the delay we are picking up YOUR rubbish. Perhaps this would be a really sound reason for protest.
- Brenda Paul

I agree with every word you have written. Thank you for the action you have taken. Very disappointing that Dover Harbour Board and KCC did not attend. How about involving some of the stores/supermarkets/eating places becoming involved to remove some of the litter which has been sourced from their premises and around their premises?
- Valerie Measey

The A2 and the surrounding villages are swamped by litter which is unattractive, unhealthy and smelly. DDC have been very responsive in providing local residents with equipment to clear our local lanes. However, I think there is more to this issue. Our neighbours in France provides suitable stopping places with facilities, and this offers dignity to the drivers who must find it frustrating not to find this same consideration in our country.. Lay-bys and bins have disappeared. We need a strategy that covers all aspects of the problem.
- Vi Cobb

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