29 NOV 2008

River Church Bazaar

Today I went to a Church Bazaar in River with local district councillor Sue Nicholas. It was a hoot - as you'll see from the video on ElphickeTV! We played an odd game that involved dropping a (toy!) mouse down a tube for Sue Nicholas to hit. It didn't go entirely to plan . . .

In the photo, I'm holding an egg slice, which I was really pleased to find - you can never find egg slices these days, can you? I then went on to do a good deal of my Christmas shopping, buying up half the bazaar in the process.

Sue and I also enjoyed lunch there - people kept coming up to ask if I was about to be arrested by the Government for daring to be a Conservative. There seems to be a real sense of anger over the Damian Green business. I think it offends against the British sense of "fair play".

It was a really super day out. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it such a great success - especially Church Warden Hurling and his charming wife Gaynor who Sue and I are pictured with. Gaynor definitely wins the great wig competition.


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