15 SEP 2016

Post-Brexit Britain must work for Dover and Deal

Ask someone in Dover what they want the Government to do now we've voted to leave the EU and they will tell you straight. End uncontrolled EU immigration and stop paying billions to Brussels.

I have long felt that the EU is a toxic, out of touch clique. My only concern about leaving was the risk of the French returning British border controls from Calais to Dover. That's why I have been battling to ensure that we keep a positive relationship with France and make sure the border stays in Calais.

Brexit means Brexit and we need to get on with it. We must deliver on the decision of the British people to leave the European Union and start building a post-Brexit Britain. A Britain that works for towns and regions of our great nation – not just the jet-set elite.

It's clear that the people of Britain voted to leave the EU because people have had enough of uncontrolled EU immigration. They've been promised net migration will be reduced to the tens of thousands. Yet it remains at a sky-high 330,000. As a result of uncontrolled EU immigration, British workers are £450 worse off a year. That's why we must take back control of our borders and end uncontrolled EU immigration.

The British people are also fed up with being dictated to by Europe and seeing their hard-earned cash blown by Brussels bureaucrats. We will be able to invest that money in Britain – but we must not just waste it on big projects that will only benefit the privileged few. It should go on making broadband work properly in places like Lydden and Denton. On vital regional road projects like dualling the A2 to Dover. We should look at securing the future of Manston as well.

For too long Britain has worked for the Philip Greens of this world, not the working-class kids of Dover and Deal. It is the resurgence of the towns and districts which must be the foundation on which post-Brexit Britain is built. A nation where infrastructure investment works for the towns and regions rather than the big cities. A Britain of opportunity and aspiration – where you can succeed in the districts without being forced to move to the capital.

This Government was given the mandate of the masses on June 23 to leave the EU, take back control of our borders and build a Britain that works for everyone. This must start now to give us the security, stability and certainty we need.

Brexit means Brexit and we need to get on with it. The people of Britain voted for us to take back control of our borders and end uncontrolled EU immigration. They voted to end the billions for Brussels. The towns and the districts like Dover & Deal shouted the loudest – that is where the building of the new post-Brexit Britain must begin.


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