08 FEB 2010

Port of Dover to go French?

Reports at the weekend and today indicate that the French port of Calais wants to buy Dover in Gordon Brown's car boot sale. Clearly this would be unacceptable. I expect it to be denied - but the key point remains, which is once it's gone it's gone.

The Port of Dover should remain owned by the nation. It's not right for the English border to be sold off.

Thanks to the hundreds who responded to the online survey. The result was the 95% thought that Labour had broken their promise not to sell off the port. 90% were opposed to the port being sold off. Clear majorities thought that the port pensioners should be protected and there should be a timetable to develop the Western Docks. People were most passionate on the regeneration fund for Dover, however.

I deeply appreciate the many responses, which have been of great help to me in understanding what people think. The survey is still open, so do have your say.


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