31 JAN 2010

Port of Dover privatisation - what do you think?

A whole slew of official documents have been published in recent weeks progressing the Government's decision to privatise the Port of Dover.

Before Christmas, the Government published a report inidicating that our Port is on the block - see page 73 onwards. Last Monday, the Transport Minister gave a written statement to Parliament to move things forward. Then the Dover Harbour Board published it's draft Harbour Revision Order and privatisation Scheme. So this matter is moving forward at some speed. It is clear Gordon Brown cannot move things forward fast enough.

I have been against the privatisation of our port. I worry about our border security. My worry is this could be so far advanced by the election, it will be impossible to stop. So if this goes ahead regardless of local opinion, we need to ask ourselves as a community how we get the best deal. We need a Plan B. So I've launched an online survey to gauge views and opinions on what the Government is doing and the things we need.

Please do take the survey - it's confidential. Simply click here and have your say - please also feel free to make wider comments.


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