28 JAN 2016

Poor Broadband in Dover & Deal

Figures from the House of Commons Library show that Dover and Deal is ranked at 509 out of 650 parliamentary constituencies for Superfast Broadband availability. Dover and Deal also only ranks at 436 for average download speed, with an average download speed of 24.1. Only 6% of connections in the constituency run at more than 2 Mbps.

Our broadband service in Dover and Deal is pitiful. BT's service is terrible. It's shocking that BT spent more on sports rights last year than investment in the exchange network. Businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on a good internet connection to go about their day to day lives, so things need to change.

These figures underline the case that the exchanges should be separated from BT. The problem of course is that OFCOM is not very strong and the Competition authorities are too often a paper tiger. We need strong regulators who will do the right thing to promote competition, faster broadband roll out and swifter economic growth.

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It would be useful to know the geographically indicated areas of 'poor' 'average', 'good' broadband speed ? The same applies to certain mobile main providers too ? There was a time (still is ?) where television coverage was limited from the Dover mast while Belgian/French signals became the norm ! Have the days of unknowing mobile phone users connecting from near St Margaret's cliffs and being billed for a 'continental' call, been solved ? Is only the new build housing being upgraded to fibre broadband. Could the man made higher ground of Fowlmead contain at least one digital signal tower ? How can I quickly mobilize a digitally summoned police and ambulance as I watch an immigrant laden small boat approaching Deal prom under darkness as I sit on the bench, watch the clear stars and a passing Space Station ? Should I share my coffee flask and cooling chips ? !
- Laurence Burns

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