21 JAN 2009

Polyclinic contract awarded

Today the local health chiefs announced that they have awarded the contract for the new Dover health facility. Great news that something is being done after ten wasted years in which Buckland has been ruined. A shame it will only be a polyclinic.

At the health chiefs' public board meeting in Dover last year, I was given a public assurance that the contract would make provision for an upgrade from the polyclinic to a proper hospital. This could be necessary - since if the Conservatives win the next election, Dover should get care beds and doctor led emergency services which would mean a proper hospital instead of the polyclinic.

I am concerned to ensure that the local health chiefs have done just that so that the people of Dover can get their fair share if they decide that's what they want at the next election.


Applications for planning permission and tendering for contracts are both extremely lengthy processes, particularly so in the case of public building, so how very interesting that only a few months after the end of the public consultation period, we are suddenly presented with a fait accompli - contract already awarded! No wonder Gwyn Prosser didn't open his mouth in support at the public meeting - it is obvious that the people of Dover have been taken for complete mugs, the site (inadequate for so many reasons) having been chosen already, in a deal with the DDC. They might say they will construct so as to provide upward expansion, but from where are they going to magic the extra (already inadequate) parking? Any other planning application which received serious recommendations against by the Environment Agency would not be allowed to go ahead. The whole thing stinks. Let's not forget that this PCT is offering money (ours!) to people to lose weight, and that one of its members was recently reported in the national press to have described her job as "bull.......g" - not exactly confidence inspiring, is it? By the Trust's own admission, they refer to the new facility as a "New Medical Centre" in the plans presented for public consideration, and in their various press releases. Yes, we must be grateful for any new health facilities in Dover but PLEASE would they not continue to refer to this building as Dover's "New Hospital", when it is no such thing.
- Carol

I totally agree with Carol comments. What Dover needs is a proper hospital, NOT A POLYCLINIC. It is not feasable to site it in the town centre or on the proposed site Masion Dieu Road (the old Brook House site). The traffic along Masion Dieu Road because of the one-way system, completely rules out access, also parking. Its time our local MP put his thinking cap on and seriously considered all these problems, plus the fact that Dover being a main port requires a proper hospital with a full A
- Patricia Lewis-Cook

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