13 JUL 2012

Planting a tree at Whitfield and Aspen School

Today I planted a tree at Whitfield and Aspen School. The school has been working hard over the last three years after their new build to develop the school grounds as a resource for learning for the children with a wide variety of learning needs.

As well as a school garden, which is producing some excellent produce, they have been planting a wide variety of fruit and nut trees. The school has taken advantage of trees donated by the Woodland Trust and their Jubilee Woods project and has, with the aid of the school grounds consultant Ross Evans, planted a "Jubilee Hedge" which includes more than twelve varieties of indigenous trees.

Early in the year the children had the idea of a diamond jubilee orchard and so I came to the school and planted a Greengage Tree, ably assisted by Year 6 children from Aspen and the main school. The trees were sponsored by the school voluntary fund and PTA


I`m proud I went to this school!

Good bye Mr. Lamb xx Have Good retirement x
- .?.

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