19 AUG 2010

People's port consultation

This evening I consulted with Dover Town Council on the proposal for we the people to buy the port of Dover. Many find it an incredible idea that we might be able to buy a port whose value runs into hundreds of millions. However, advice from City financiers indicates that this should be possible.

The proposal is for a community trust to be established which anyone who lives in the Dover community can join as a member for £10. This is ownership and community engagement. The real money would be raised by a bond issue - rather like getting a mortgage to buy your home. The port revenues are very constant and dependable.

The aim of the project is for we, the people, to own our port through a charitable mutual organisation. To ensure it will not be sold overseas. To ensure there is a real partnership between the port users, the people and the port. And to use the port surplus profits for regeneration as well as ensuring the port is developed as it should have been long ago to provide a great ocean side experience attractive to tourists and see through the sensible development of the Western Docks.

To be continued . . . !


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