27 FEB 2016

P&O Maloja

It was an honour to attend a memorial to honour the crew who were lost on board the P&O ship Maloja when it was sunk by enemy action off the coast of Dover. The service marked 100 years since the ship was lost. 122 people died on board the vessel, including many Lascars, who were sailors from India.

Local resident Leah Baker noticed the memorial in St Mary's Cemetery and lead a successful campaign for the restoration of the monument, as well as for a remembrance to be held for the centenary. Work to restore the memorial is still ongoing, with the Urdu section of script still to be restored.

I think the work Leah and P&O have done to restore the memorial to the Maloja and to raise awareness for the many lives lost is wonderful.

Dover has such a rich, sometimes tragic navel history, and it is important that not a single life is forgotten. It is especially important that we remember those from around the world who may not have anyone to remember them in the local area.

I look forward to visiting the memorial again once it has been fully restored, and to learn more about the history of the Maloja.

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I too would like to know more. the town of deal was also once a major port, and we should not forget the tragic events that took place around our local coast.
- robert

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