06 AUG 2009

Our young people are fantastic

This evening, the new Dover & Deal Conservative Future branch held a BBQ on Walmer Beach.  It was fantastic to chat to young people in our community about their thoughts on the state of things and what they would like to see for the future.

It was amazing to see so many people come along.  I was really impressed at the quality and depth of the questions.  Everything from the Iraq war, to Europe and on to the things we need for our community. 

Some people take a negative view of young people.  Yet consider this as a demonstration of how young people can deeply impress to give confidence of the greatness that is to come.  One of the people there gave up her studies to look after her mum who has cancer. Now her mum is in remission she wants to pick up her studies again and become a nurse.  Then another young woman is learning to be a plumber. That's bold in such a traditionally male occupation - but people like her are driving the change and remind us that anyone can do and be anything.


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