18 SEP 2017

Our schools are set for a huge cash boost

Schools in Dover and Deal will get a huge cash boost from the new national funding formula. Funding for secondary schools would increase by an average of 7.2%, or £1.54 million, if the new system was adopted next year.

A new formula was demanded by headteachers across the country who said the old one was outdated and unfair. It is due to be introduced in two years. In the transition period (2018-19 and 2019-20) local authorities will draw up their own local formulas to allocate money.

But if the national formula was adopted next year, Astor College would get 11.1% more cash, Dover Grammar School for Girls 10.4% more, Dover Grammar School for Boys 9.4% more, St Edmund's Catholic School 9.1% more and Goodwin Academy 8.4% more. Overall, primary and secondary schools in Dover and Deal would get a 4.7% increase.

I am calling on Kent County Council to consider introducing it next year. The new method is much fairer. Experts say for the first time resources will be distributed according to the individual needs of every school.

It's clear Dover and Deal was let down by the old system. There were thousands less spent per pupil compared to parts of London. Lots of important factors weren't taken into account. I raised this with Government ministers plenty of times and they were right to take action.

The new system means schools in Dover and Deal are going to get a lot more money in the future. That is great news. But I want Kent County Council to consider how unfairly our area has been treated when they decide allocations next year.

Despite the transition period, funding for schools across the country will still increase well above inflation next year – by 3.4%. The £41 billion for 2017-18 will rise to £42.4 billion in 2018-19 and £43.5 billion in 2019-20. Additional investment will secure an increase for every pupil in every school, a minimum per pupil funding level, a minimum increase level for every school, and a big increase in high needs funding.


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