12 NOV 2009

Our bold new vision for Deal

Too often people say the only thing to happen in our community in the last ten years is that we've lost Dover's hospital. I and the Dover & Deal Conservatives are determined change that. So we've set out a bold new vision for the future of Deal. We need to see our beautiful town attract more jobs, money, visitors and services. We should do more with Deal Castle, see a cinema back and get more great family days out. Deal should witness nothing less than a new renaissance that celebrates the great history and culture of the beautiful town we call home.
And let's not forget, ours is a town of great history. Our castles defended us against the French. We hosted the Channel Fleet. The Downs are steeped in history. Our "shipswallowing" sands were mentioned by Shakespeare. Even a bit of smuggling used to go on! Nelson stayed here, Pitt the Younger burned our boats and here it was that Cook made landfall on his return from Australia. We have such a great story to tell about who and what we are. Let's make the most of it!
It's a particular concern to me that Deal will soon have a less good train service. The train company has taken away a loaf of bread and then hands us a slice back in the form of some stops at Shepherdswell. What about Deal? I find it totally unacceptable that such a bad service is planned for Deal and the villages to Dover. These services are important and should be maintained. We should be talking about getting fast line trains to Deal, not service cuts and train changes.

So here is our vision for the future:
  • More in Deal Castle, more culture and make the most of our history
  • A new cinema, a dry pub and more great family days out to benefit our young people
  • More local jobs and money, with more tourism, more broadband internet, mobile phones that work and deliver Betteshanger Business Park
  • More services at Deal hospital
  • Improve our local train services, no to the service cuts, yes to putting Deal on the fast line

I'd really like to here what people think of these ideas - and how we can all work together to make the most of our beautiful town.


this is fine if like you we live in Deal. What are the plans for Dover??????????
- anon

Nice ideas. I like it, keep it up charlie. You have my vote!
- James

There is so much raw material in Deal to work with. Despite living in Dover I support and like these proposals - I hope they amount to something! I love Whitstable and Broadstairs, and Ramsgate now it has had a facelift - and deal has as much if not more to offer if planned and marketed up properly,
- Bern

There are detailed plans too for Dover, "anon" - like the building out of the Western Docks to get more jobs, building "ocean village" to attract tourists, the double entry for lorries so we can get lorries out of Dover central, lorry car parks to deal with Operation Stack, a proper hospital, regeneration to happen, not just "come soon" and much much more. These plans are all over this site - it is a fair point I should draw it all together it a blog post and on the Action Map.
- Charlie Elphicke

Yesterday a glossy campaign leaflet popped through my letterbox. I must say it was rather impressive and told We prospective voters what an administration under the Conservatives would look like. I did notice, however, one glaring omission conspicuous by its absence in terms of Tory policy namely not a word about the environment. I am thrilled by the prospect of your party dropping their newly found green agenda or is the reason for the omission the fact that there was no room on the leaflet to explain your ideas on the environment?
- Paul

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