14 JUL 2009

Nuts about Alkham!

OK . . . so everyone has their quirk.  Mine is that I like going to fetes and winning coconuts.  This started as a thing because Charlotte likes to poke a hole in them and drink the milk before making a big mess with the white coconut bit. But now I kind of just like winning them because it’s great fun to do at a fete and Thomas thinks it’s very funny.  Usually I’m lucky if I just get one – but on Saturday at Alkham fete I won TWO coconuts. Woo Hoo!



And Alkham fete was just fantastic this year.  It’s become a bigger draw than ever and is a fantastic day out for all the family.  So congratulations to the organisers, the stallholders, the colliery band, the dance troops who really livened things up and everyone else who made it just such a total success. After spending an hour trying to control two little ones and our manic dog Star I needed a break and enjoyed a coffee with Cllr Sue Nicholas where we chatted about making sure the transport museum idea for Alkham is taken forward. 


Like the fete, it would be just a fantastic family day out – not just one day, but every day.  And we need more year round amusements for families to get out, have a break and some fun. Watch this space . . . although it may take a while to help bring it all to fruition, I’m truly keen on this idea as I feel it would be so positive for our community.

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There is also a daft video which I will edit and load up!
- Charlie Elphicke

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