05 JUN 2013

No More "Coming Soon" - Buckland Mill Opens

Today I attended the opening of the social housing part of the Buckland Mill development in Dover.

Four years ago I campaigned against the pictured "coming soon" sign at Buckland Mill as a sign of too much talk and too little action. The coming soon sign was there so long it rotted away and they had to put another one up. For me the stalled Buckland Mill development and failure to blow up Burlington House were twin symbols of so much that was wrong in Dover. Buckland Mill is now moving ahead. Burlington House now has hallowed status as my No 1 bête noire!

The day itself was excellent, with all those involved in making this development happen in attendance. It was also really great to meet with some of the special guests who were invited along – the ex-Mill workers, some of whom cut the cake to mark the occasion. Well done to Town & Country Housing Association for doing their bit - now it's over to Gallagher Homes to build the rest of it. I look forward to seeing that being built and open in due course.

With developments like this, and more of a "yes" attitude I think things are looking more positive for Dover. I totally understand how much there is to do to improve confidence in the town. I remain hard at work on making more things happen so that one day we will see Dover become a jewel in the crown of the nation once again.


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