12 MAR 2010

New hope for our port

Gordon Brown's plan to sell off the port of Dover hit a roadblock yesterday. The ferry operators have objected to the sell off. They say they have been made to pay higher charges to the Harbour Board to fund the development of the Western Docks. Yet, as I too have been pointing out, the Western Docks development has been kicked into the long grass and isn't likely to happen before 2020. The operators say the Harbour Board plan to increase rates further and this will cost the people of Dover dearly with fewer jobs and less money.

What are we to make of all this? It's quite clear that this is all about Gordon Brown pressing to get the fattest possible amount of money for our port and devil take our community. There is no obligation to develop the Western Docks on the one hand. Yet operators are squeezed for every penny of cash on the other.

The expected sale price covers less than one day of Gordon Brown's binge borrowing. The price paid by the people of Dover will be measured in years. Gordon Brown's plan to sell off our port just as soon as he can is not just wrong. It's seriously damaging to our local economy.

If Labour are re-elected, I am certain that Brown will steamroller this thing through regardless. I am dead against the sell off and the Conservatives have pledged a review that I hope will put a stop to this plan.


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