23 FEB 2009

My big local economy day

Today I did a tour of successful local smaller businesses in a wide range of sectors to draw attention to just how many great enterprises we have - and why we should back our local businesses as much as we can in these difficult times. The day started with my addressing a breakfast meeting of the Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade. We discussed the national situation, what East Kent needs as a whole - there was strong backing for the expansion of Manston - and what we can do to boost Deal's High Street. It was a really positive day. I shall write about each visit in a separate blog, but I just want to say how fiercely proud I am of the successful businesses that we have. We need to safeguard them, to support them, to stand together and back each other. We should reallly do that anyway - but we should do that this year more than any. Now we are all going to watch the flicks at Westwood Cross, shop at Tesco in Whitfield and all that. No one is perfect. I'm certainly not! This should not be a prissie thing where we guilt trip each other and get all holier than thou. All I'm saying is that we should think about it. We should ask ourselves - if I'm buying ice cream, can I buy Solleys? If I want some steel fencing made, should I get Stalco to do it? If I need bread and coffee, can I visit Deal's High Street? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. I'd be really interested to hear what more we can do. I'll post this on the Chatmap too as I think it's really important for us all.


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