02 JUL 2010

Mrs Thompson and the fence

Today I received a petition from 3,501 residents of Deal protesting against the treatment of Kath Thompson. Mrs Thompson is an 82 year old widow. This matter has been widely publicised in the national press as well as the local press.

Recently Deal Martime Museum built a fence round her kitchen. The fence is just a few inches from her kitchen windows, making the kitchen very dark. The fence was also built over a manhole cover - what happens if Mrs Thompson's drain gets blocked up? Given the museum only exists with public support, there is a real risk for to the future existence of the museum here. It would be as real shame for Deal to lose such a resource. And the general behaviour we have seen is very damaging to Deal's name.

Whatever the legalities of the matter, building a fence like this is not acceptable behaviour. The fence needs to come down and the museum trustees and Mrs Thompson need to work together to find a positive way forward.  As the East Kent Mercury says, this needs to be sorted out.


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