15 JAN 2009

MPs who fiddle expenses should be expelled

The way Parliamentary expenses have been abused and the John Lewis list retained is a spectacle that I find truly disgusting. Yet worse still are the repeated attempts to hush everything up. And they are at it again! Having said they would publish the expenses today we learn they now won't do it properly after all. Let me be clear, again, on where I stand. MPs who fiddle expenses should be expelled. To be a Member of Parliament should be an honour and a vocation, not a living and a trough. People have a right to know how their money is spent. If I were the Member of Parliament I'd publish my receipts and the whole lot. I am challenging Gwynfor Prosser to do the same.


The clear implication of your headline next to a photograph of Gwyn Prosser is that you are accusing our MP of 'fiddling' his expenses. This is a very serious allegation. I have know Gwyn for over 20 years and he is a decent and honest man and this entirely unfounded allegation is at best dirty tricks and at worst libellous. Either way it says a lot more about you than it does about our MP. Shame on you Mr Elphicke!
- Maggie

Maggie, there is obviously no such implication, yet to make it clear that I am not accusing Mr Prosser of fiddling his expenses, I have replaced the photo with one that I hope you will agree cannot be confused with Mr Prosser. The simple truth is that we have no idea as he won't publish the details. We only know that he voted to keep the John Lewis list. I am very puzzled why he has not been leading the way on this matter. I do not understand why he said he was publishing full details earlier this year and then cut and pasted already publicly available information that showed no real detail at all. Nor do I understand why he said he would publish full details of his expenses in October and did not. Finally I do not understand why he said he would publish them this month and has not done so. This matter has been the subject of some debate in the local press - see the cuttings section - so people can read the press cuttings and make up their own minds on why he still refuses to publish the full details.
- Charlie Elphicke

It is perfectly clear. If you have nothing to hide,"why hide it"?? If he is so decent and honest why has a stalwart like Tony Sansum threatened to sue him; "for negligence"?
- Colin D

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