02 SEP 2010

MPs back Equitable Life victims in public meeting

Today Thanet South MP, Laura Sandys and I held a joint public meeting in Sandwich Guildhall with Equitable Life victims. In a packed meeting, we heard about the hardship and suffering that has affected thousands of our constituents over many years. Many Equitable Life pensioners present expressed concern that the affair had dragged on for a decade without resolution.  We both pledged to make the strongest possible case to the Government for proper compensation to be made.

What has happened is a tragedy. So many people have lost out - and many will not live to see the day of compensation arrive. We are making the strongest case to the Government for proper compensation to be made. As the public finances are in complete disarray, policy holders have asked us to put the case for compensation to be paid over time. We will be making that case.

Laura said: "Anger about the injustice of the last 13 years was palpable at the meeting. We now have an opportunity to bring closure to the whole debacle. With legislation imminent, the new Government has done more in three months than the previous Government did in 13 years."

Both Laura and I urged policy holders who were not at the meeting to write to us as soon as possible so that their full views could be made to the Government.

Pictured here me and Laura Sandys MP with leading members of the South Thanet and Dover and Deal Equitable Life Action Group.


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