23 APR 2011

Moving beyond oil

Last week I met with campaigners concerned about our dependence on oil. Such dependence can be bad for energy security and the climate not to add it being increasingly bad for our pockets as the price of the oil keeps going up.

We talked about how we could have electric cars and a greater emphasis on renewable energy. I feel it's hard to avoid nuclear power if we want to have energy security and climate action. Yet there is the possibility of thorium power which is nuclear power without the dirty radiation and safety hazards. Sounds mad or too good to be true? Read for yourself by clicking here and let me know what you think. 


If the reports on Wiki are to be believed, this certainly looks like a good way forward. There can be absolutely no doubt that some form of conventional power generation, be it coal, gas, oil or nuclear, is essential to maintain a steady, reliable supply of energy for the future. Certain types of renewable energy, such as tidal-power, can be considered reliable, as the tides and currents around our island are unlikely to change much over the centuries. Wind power, on the other hand, is extremely unreliable, as the generators which are proliferating on hill-tops and off-shore can only operate within certain wind parameters. It is essential, therefore, to have some other form of energy supply that can be put online at extremely short notice.
- Bill Beer

I note that there are, so far, no public re-charging points locally for electric cars. If the Government are serious about electric cars why not?
- Bob Frost

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