03 OCT 2010

Moving ahead on the Torch and the port

The local papers - see the press cuttings section -  this week report on how 700 local school children held the Pass the Passion rally at Dover Castle for the Olypmic Torch to arrive in England at Dover. They also report that the People's Port working group has now been set up so the community can take forward the People's Port proposal. The excellent Pass the Passion picture right rather sums up our twin aspirations!

These two events are significant. Change and improvement do not come from Government or your local MP - however hard they or I might work! These things can only come from our community. We would be nowhere on the Torch were it not for the energy of our amazing young people. It really helps all of us who are making the case. And if I made the push for the People's Port on my own, the risk is that it might all fall apart in partisan bickering. To succeed it must come from we the people in our community.

We all want to see improvements. We all want to see Dover become a Jewel in the Crown of the nation again. It is a real shot in the arm to us all that our children hold aloft our standard in the campaign for the Torch. And that people in our community with real expertise and knowledge take forward the People's Port to make it a reality. As I wrote in my Dover Express column this week, if we believe in ourselves and have confidence, we can make the difference. We can make the transformation of Dover we all want to see.


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