02 AUG 2017

Migrant centres will not help Calais

I am not happy about plans to set up migrant centres in Calais. I worked very hard to get rid of the vast makeshift camp that had sprung up before. 

But now French courts have ruled that there must be facilities in place for 300 to 400 migrants in the area. There were many more of them last year - several thousand in fact - which proves we were right to have it dismantled. 

There is a real risk that setting up these two new centres will make Calais even more of a migrant magnet.

It means thousands more vulnerable people will be encouraged to make the perilous journey across Europe - with many falling into the hands of ruthless traffickers.

We cannot allow a new Jungle or Sangatte to spring up in Calais yet again.

Our border needs to be more secure than ever - particularly at the Dover frontline.

And the French must be on high alert to protect tourists and truckers from attacks by trafficking gangs.

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Why must there be facilities for migrants in the area? Why are they not sent back to the first country that they entered? What about lorry drivers who have to run the gauntlet of migrants trying to get tnto their lorries? What will it take? Maybe when a lorry driver is killed they might take notice instead of shirking their responsibilities.
- B.Harrison

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