28 AUG 2015

Meeting St. Margaret's residents

I met with the residents of Granville Flats on Hotel Road in St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe on Friday to hear about serious flooding that has affected their building first hand. The flood water as caused serious damage to the carpets, lift and car park in the communal areas, as well as some of the flats themselves.

People living in the flats are concerned about how their home insurance will be affected by the flooding in future, as they already have to pay a high premium. There are also concerns that properties in Bay Hill are also affected by water washing down from Hotel Road to the Bay.

It is clear that the drainage on Hotel Road is not fit for purpose, and requires a major overhaul with investment from Kent County Council in a better road drainage system. The drainage in Bay Hill also needs to be addressed with many residents complaining about torrents of water running down the road.


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