15 OCT 2008

Mandie Sehmbi for St Radigunds!

Well known local campaigner Mandie Sehmbi is the Conservative candidate for the St Radigund’s by election. I have long been struck by how passionate Mandie is about Dover. She tells me she is incredibly angry about Labour palming off Dover with a polyclinic - she wants to be Dover have a proper hospital. Until recently, Mandie organised the Dover carnival. The most recent one being a total success.

Mandie is also angry that Labour Ministers have allowed port jobs to be privatised. She says it's an insult to Dover. Mandie thinks the lack of investment in Dover is an insult. That we deserve our fair share and we aren't getting it.

Some people say no-one in politics believes in anything anymore . . . to them I say Mandie is your answer!


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