03 JUN 2010

Maiden Speech

Today I made my Maiden Speech in the House of Commons.  Clink here to see the full speech.

I spoke about the things that concern so many people in our community. The previous Government planned to sack our experienced immigration officers. People in Dover & Deal are concerned because we do not want porous borders, human trafficking, gun running or drug smuggling. We want to ensure that we have proper border security and national security. We also want to see the French take effective action on the "Jungle" at Calais. In particular ensuring that children there are properly looked after and not left to live in the streets.

The previous Government also drew up a plan to sell off our port. I pointed out how the people of Dover are trenchantly opposed to this idea. That I will do all in my power to find a better way forward than simply to sell it off at the bottom of the market, possibly to a foreign power.

And I spoke of the need to get a proper hospital back in Dover. People do not want a polyclinic - we want a proper hospital, with care beds and doctor-led emergency services. This is important to us because the nearest acute hospitals are 40 minutes down the road by car and four hours by public transport. That is bad for old people, and those who are badly off and cannot afford a car and do not have access to one. We want a fair share of health care.


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