10 NOV 2016

Let's deliver Brexit - and make it work for Dover and Deal

Leaving the European Union will bring some challenges yet greater opportunities. We have the chance to create stronger borders, more jobs and money and better prospects for people in places like Dover and Deal.

It's quite wrong for the establishment and big business elite to try and stop us leaving the EU as they have been trying to do. They must listen to what the British people have decided. The people voted for Brexit. Theresa May has the mandate of the masses to get on with it.

In Dover and Deal and across Britain, the decision on June 23 was clear. I was concerned about the impact on our border at Calais. Yet the people decided by a clear majority. That's why I rolled up my sleeves and got straight to work to make a success of Brexit.

The French had threatened to scrap the Le Touquet Treaty if we left the EU. Some Presidential candidates across the Channel are still saying this. Yet they know just as well as we do that axing the treaty would be a disaster for both nations. So I've been holding talks with the French to build a new and stronger cross-Channel pact for the border security of both our nations. Doing my bit to get the upside without the downside.

The first step was to work together to dismantle the Calais Jungle. The camp has now been cleared. Now the police presence in Calais must stay strong to put an end to the migrant magnet once and for all.

The next step is to work closely with the French on building stronger cross-Channel intelligence. We need to know what the evil people traffickers are plotting long before they get to Calais. Then we can catch them, jail them and seize all their assets. Only with the right intelligence and the best technology can we make our border stronger than ever.

It's clear the British people will not accept any form of Brexit deal which fails to take back control of our borders. Yet the vote on June 23 was also about something bigger. It was a revolt against the status quo – against a Britain that for too long has worked for the big cities, big business and the moneyed metropolitan elite.

Brexit Britain must now be about places like Dover and Deal. We must grab this opportunity to revive the local towns and regions of modern Britain.

I am determined to make Brexit work for Dover and Deal. To get more jobs and money for the hard working classes. To support the small businesses who create the jobs. To fix our roads so the port can grow without gridlock.

The decision on June 23 was clear and final. We must get to work on delivering it.


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