20 DEC 2009

Let it snow, let it snow!

Wow! What an amazing time with all this snow. I'm including a whole load of snowy pictures I've taken in the last few days.

Yet there is a more serious point here too.  This weather was well forecast, yet the M20 got closed and the M2 as well.  It was a total shambles. This was before the port got closed and the Eurotunnel chaos. Why do we have a repeat of this every year? Surely there must be a way to manage this annual event better?

And the weather closing the port as well as the unreliable Eurostar service (people really should take the ferry!) causing chaos down the M20 underlined the need for a lorry park on the M20. The total chaos in Dover town underlined the need to dual the A2. We were again reminded of the need to get lorries out of the centre of Dover . . . !

On Saturday, we went canvassing in deep snow (we are either very enthusiastic . . . or very mad!) with Julian Brazier MP:

And here's the view from my home towards the Royal Hotel and some other random pics of the Deal seafront.

It was a real Winter wonderland as these views from the pier show:



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