14 JUL 2016

Learning about cancer prevention from Cancer Research UK

It was incredible to hear how many cases of cancer could be prevented by better lifestyle choices from Cancer Research UK. We have a worrying level of obesity in the Dover area, and that, combined with people smoking and not taking regular exercise is contributing to more people developing the disease.

More than four in ten cancer cases in the UK could be prevented each year, with smoking and obesity being the biggest avoidable causes of the disease.

In the local area covered by the South Kent Coast CCG, around 1,320 people a year are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, around 620 people a year die from the disease.

Local obesity is a big concern, with 60% of people in the South East currently overweight or obese. In the Dover area, 64% of adults and 32% of children in year 6 are overweight or obese. Obesity is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer.

Over a quarter of cancer deaths are caused by smoking, with smoking costing the Dover area an estimated £31.4 million a year.

While there are no guarantees with cancer, it is clear from the numbers that by encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles, we can help prevent cancer. Thinking about what we can all do to improve our lifestyles really matters.


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