27 NOV 2007

Labour killing post offices

Labour are closing 6 post offices locally. People in Capel have told me how angry they are as their post office was paid for by the village and only opened a few years ago. Mr Patel, who runs an excellent post office and shop in Sholden only did the shop up a couple of years ago. Where's his investment going to be thanks to the Government's crazy closure campaign? And Mongeham looks set to go too.

Mr Ferrier pictured here is lucky - his post office in the centre of Deal is not one earmarked for closure. Yet he'll probably have big queues come Christmas with two post offices local to Deal looking like they'll be closing. Dover town also loses two post office.

This is the decision making of the madhouse. I've been getting up a petition to Parliament to try and get the Government to see sense. Considering how they have been making such a mess of everything they do lately, this does seem a bit unlikely. There's always hope . . .


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