23 JAN 2011

Jail sentence for mother who tried to stop daughter buying drugs

The news that Julia Saker of Temple Ewell received a 12 month sentence for restraining her daughter from buying drugs has caused a lot of concern locally. Julia's daughter Tabitha is a drug addict. Julia and Tabitha's ex boyfriend (who got 18 months) were desperate to stop Tabitha from getting more drugs.

Drugs are a real evil of our times. Many people tell me any parent would do all they could in such a case. It seems clear that Julia's motive was to help her daughter. In view of this, many feel that the sentence is too harsh.  

Deep down, there is a sense that things are out of balance. Here we have a mother motivated by care and concern going down for a long stretch. Meanwhile Mohammed Ibrahim, in the UK illegally, hit and killed little Amy Houston. He got just four months and they are going to let him stay in the UK. In my book Ibrahim should be thrown out and the law should show more support to parents who are trying to look after their children.

Cases like these highlight why we should axe the Human Rights Act. In the meantime, I will be writing to the Attorney General to express my concern on sentencing and to ask for the case to be reviewed.


I entirely agree with your concern. We are still more concerned for the welfare and rights of the offender than the victim.
- steve

I agree with Charlie that The Human Rights Act should be scrapped. As the Father of Amy Houston said when Ibrahim won his appeal against deportation, The Act is weighted only in the favour of illegal immigrants and criminals. Law abiding citizens with genuine grievences are not considered. Another legacy from our wonderful previous Government.
- John Ward

Unfortunately, we will not be free of the EHCR unless and until we leave the EU, or the Lisbon Treaty at least. While that treaty persists, we are also citizens of the European Superstate, and as long as it bends the knee to the EHCR, we will have to. Simple answer: Referendum on remaining in the EU. A long list of pros and cons, including the fact that a bunch of left-wing, under-qualified civil servants in Brussels call themselves judges and pontificate on, e.g. whether prisoners who buy child porn should be allowed a vote.
- Brian Williams

Hi - heard about Julia Saker's case on Radio 2 this morning. What is happening about it?
- Julia Webb

I heard the tragic story of the mother being sentenced for false imprisonment on the radio today. What a waste of tax payers money to send this poor lady away - surely the money would be better spent providing counselling and support for this family. AND how selfish of her daughter to choose a life of drugs!! I am sure her daughter knows what her rights are in life but she certainly hasn't thought about her responsibilities!!
- Andrea

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