05 SEP 2011

High Speed Rail

This morning I took the inaugural fast train from Deal. It was one of the greatest experiences yet as the Member of Parliament for Dover & Deal.

For sure getting up at 5am to take the first train was not exactly fun. There is something deeply depressing about leaving your home while it's still dark isn't there? But to see the train leave Sandwich and Deal stations and ride to London fast style in less than an hour and a half shows that things can happen that make a difference.

These things don't just happen by themselves. There needed to be strong community backing. The great campaign by Trains4Deal made the support and demand for the fast train clear. There needed to be goodwill from the train company. South East Trains have been helpful and constructive at every stage in the talks there have been about this service. 

 A fast commuting service matters as it means that people can live in or near Deal, travel to work in London and have a good paying job. It will strengthen the local economy.


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