15 AUG 2017

High speed broadband in every corner of Dover and Deal

I welcome a commitment to deliver high speed broadband to every corner of Dover and Deal.

My campaign for faster broadband in rural areas has gone on for some time. Villages like Lydden and Temple Ewell currently get internet speeds of less than two megabytes per second – ten times slower than parts of Dover town.

I met with residents in March and laid out the case for improved speeds, contacting ministers and BT executives. A street cabinet with new fibres is now being installed in Lydden.

And Government has since committed to delivering universal broadband – meaning every part of Dover and Deal should have access to high speed broadband by 2020.

These days internet is such an integral part of people's lives. Yet the service in some of our rural areas is shameful.

For small businesses in our regions to thrive, we must have better broadband. These excruciatingly slow speeds make a mockery of modern Britain.

That is why I welcome the Government's commitment. I keep telling ministers how frustrating it is for my constituents and I am glad they have acted.

The Digital Economy Act 2017 introduced the idea of a broadband universal service obligation – requiring providers to deliver minimum speeds of 10 megabytes per second.

BT has volunteered a proposal to deliver the obligation, which the Government will consider over the coming months.


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