16 JUL 2010

Help me save Sampson Court

I am supporting the campaign to save Sampson Court nursing home in Deal.

I met residents and staff when I went to Sampson Court's summer garden party.  I also met with Deal's Conservative County Councillor, Julie Rook and Deal's Mayor and Labour Councillor, Ben Bano. Julie received a petition from Mrs Audrey Hobbs, whose husband receives care at Sampson Court.

It is wonderful that we are all demonstrating our support for Sampson Court. We are troubled about the possible closure and I am doing everything I can as the MP to support Julie's battle to save Sampson Court at County Hall. Our combined efforts will be needed and I am looking forward to working with Ben and his colleagues on the Town Council. We need to put aside our party differences for the sake of the Sampson Court residents and the community in Deal.

I know that Sampson Court is one of the nursing homes currently being considered for closure by Kent County Council. A consultation is currently underway to consider whether the building is fit for purpose and equipped to provide the high level of care required by elderly and vulnerable people.

I will continue to pressure Kent County Council to consider this case very carefully. I know from the number of letters I have received that people care passionately about saving Sampson Court and I urge everyone who wants to safeguard the welfare of the residents, to help me save Sampson Court. I hope that together, we can achieve the right result for our community.


We are pleased to see that you are supporting the fight to save Sampson Court. A meeting of people wishing to form an action committee is taking place on Thursday 19th and we shall email you our proposals in the hope that with your experience there are areas in which you could give help or advice.
- Dave and Carole Hubble

Its strange that a comment like "provide a high level of care to help elderly and vunerable people" can be used for Sampson Court. My Nan suffers from vascular dementia and uses the resbite facilities from time to time and has never got on very well while she has been in there care and nothing could have prepared us for what happened when she went in last time. She was devistatingly neglected to a point where we said our goodbyes. We complained to the council who have acknowledged this. She has been using the daycare center as there are different staff there but she is having to be moved as "the staff just dont get on with her". She is an 82 year old woman with dementia and has been well respected for her whole life and known for her bubbly character ... The worrying thing is that when asked if all the staff had training with dementia suffers the answer was YES.. its a shame that not all carers care. I dont think that sampson court should be closed as i feel that this would be a strain on care and families who need the help, but it seems that when the cameras arent looking the staff arent as kind as they seem. Keep the home but change the staff.
- anon

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