20 SEP 2014

Heartstart Campaign Manekins in Deal

I was so proud to support my friend, Adrian, in his fantastic donation to the Heartstart campaign. The Heartstartcampaign provides emergency life support education and training to help save lives.

Adrian has donated two 'resus Annies' to the Heartstart campaign to help train more people for when someone goes into cardiac arrest. Supported by the British Heart Foundation, Heartstart on the south east coast aims to teach more members of the public these life-saving skills.

There are around 600,000 heart attacks out of hospitals every year. When someone has a heart attack, every minute is critical. For a heart attack sufferer, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces their survival chances by 10 per cent.

These 'resus Annies' will help more people in our area learn crucial resuscitation skills and respond quickly when someone has a heart attack.

It's great that the Heartstart campaign is teaching more people in our area how they can save lives. I encourage everyone to get involved in the campaign and learn these life-saving skills.


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