29 APR 2009

Gurkhas - stabbed in the back

The Gurkhas have stood by us in the field of battle.  Many have laid down their lives. Nearly all went into harm's way.  Many live locally in Dover & Deal. The Conservatives and the Lib Dems think they should be allowed to live in Britain, as they have really contributed to our country over many years. 

But not, it seems, the Labour Government.  Anyone else can pretty much wonder in, but if you've actually contributed to Britain, then it seems you can get lost. In Kent, two Labour MPs are heavily involved with the All Party Gurkha group.  Bob Marshall Andrews and Dover's Gwynfor Prosser.  Bob didn't vote with the Government. Thanks to his courage and that of some other Labour MPs, the vote was lost by the Government and the Gurkhas will now have to be treated properly.

The surprise was Mr Prosser.  Having told everyone he was going to stand by the Gurkhas, he voted with the Government.  Despite having constituents who are Gurkhas.  Now it is usual for Mr Prosser to say he will rebel, fight for us and give out lots of bluster. Then, typically, he trots up to Westminster, claims some great "compromise deal", votes the line and sells us all down the river.  We saw that with the Post Offices, with the 20p tax rate and so on. But the business with the Gurkhas is a new development - for here he didn't just sell us down the river in a general way . . . in my opinion he stabbed his Gurkha constituents in the back.

It's a black day when Dover's MP does not support these heroes and I condemn him for it. I condemn him not only for his vote - but for his weasely behaviour and his cheek in putting out the leaflet pictured going on about his support for "Gurkha Justice". It's things like this that destroy trust in our public life.


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