15 OCT 2013

Guide Dogs for the Blind Walk

I have always supported the wonderful Guide Dogs for the Blind, and have done lots with them locally. Today though was a very new experience for me – and one that really brought home to me just how special this charity is.

This morning I met representatives from the charity – along with two lovely Guide Dogs. The aim was for me to experience what life is like for a blind or partially sighted person. Firstly I was blindfolded, then given a white stick. I walked from Queen Street in Deal to the High Street, and it was incredibly difficult and disorienting. Luckily I had someone there to help guide me, but the visually impaired wouldn't necessarily have this. As a politician it made me appreciate how we can continue to help make things easier.

I was then given Aero the Guide Dog to walk with. The difference it made having Aero was quite extraordinary – he led me along and I felt quite safe with him there. Even the torrential rain didn't put him off!

It was a really worthwhile morning and I would like to thank Guide Dogs for the Blind for giving me the chance to do this.


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