10 FEB 2010

Gordon Brown confirms port sell off plan

Gordon Brown today confirmed that he plans to sell off the port of Dover.  He told the House of Commons:

"There will be no forced privatisation of Dover under Labour and we will look for new ways of getting in new investment into the port and the community."

This is because it is not a "forced" privatisation but a "voluntary" privatisation.  The difference? One involves telling the port they are to be sold off, the other involves telling the port they are "volunteering" to be sold off.  It's all a question of spin and presentation really.

That is what is happening here.  Under huge pressure from Gordon Brown, the Harbour Board are submitting a "voluntary" privatisation proposal. This will be warmly received by Gordon Brown, the port will then be stuffed into his car boot for sale just as soon as he can.

The reaction of Dover's Labour MP? To attack me for telling you about Gordon Brown's plan. In fact, so weak has the defence of our port by the local Labour MP been that I'm fast coming to the conclusion he doesn't really care whether the port is sold off or not.

But I do care. I oppose this sale. I'm doing all I can to defend our English border. It would be wrong for our port to be sold to the French or anyone else.


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