01 JUL 2016

Gomez Ltd

I received a positive message on the future of Britain's food imports from Gomez Ltd, a local fruit and vegetable packing firm. By investing in innovative new technology and equipment to boost production, they are well prepared for the years ahead.

Touring the plant, I saw where local workers were packing fruits and vegetables such as mixed peppers and summer peaches for distribution. The investment

in new and innovative produce sorting and packaging equipment is now boosting production. Not only does careful investment help provide local jobs, it also helps feed our nation.

As well as food packaging, Gomez also recycle produce that is not suitable for packaging, for example if it is misshapen, into oven ready products to cut down on food waste. They also handle several products exclusively grown by their growers for Tesco stores up and down the country, including Samphire which is sourced from local growers when it is in season.


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