08 JUN 2014

Going Bananas at Dover Docks

On Sunday, I paid a visit to Hammonds' Wharf to see how the company is unloading fresh produce at Dover Docks.

It was great to meet with workers down at Dover Docks to see how bananas were unloaded from abroad. They do their job with such skill and know exactly how to use the machinery they have to unload the cargo. The company deals with fresh produce from all over the world at Dover Port. In 2011, a staggering 825 million estimated loose bananas were discharged at Dover to distribute at British supermarkets.

It was fantastic to see how quickly bananas and other fresh produce are unloaded at Dover Docks. The work they do at Dover Docks is so important to getting the goods we need into the UK. The sheer amount of fresh produce which the Docks deals with is incredible, supplying businesses up and down the country.


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